Hotel Linen Tracking Solution

  • Lack of apparel/linen inventory visibility result in high inventory buffering costs
  • Not knowing the quantity (how much), type (e.g. king size sheets) and location (e.g. 10th floor closet) of the clean linens result in under-utilized laundry operations
  • Periodic cycle counting of linens is ineffective because the manual counting is error prone, time consuming and non-productive
  • Shortage of linen or their inabilities to service patient linen specific request lead to customer dissatisfaction
  • Improve efficiency by tracking stock levels across all areas of the facility
  • Reduce laundry operation costs by knowing exactly how much clean linen is available and accordingly plan your laundry
  • Control linen losses through vendor accountability and easy reconciliation process
  • Improve patient satisfaction through faster and reliable service

Bad linen services is one of the most frequently heard complaints in a hospital. Linen management in a hospital plays an important role in patient satisfaction, reduces infection rate and operation costs. Hospitals are struggling to streamline their linen supply chain because the current inefficiencies lead to delay in room services impacting the entire hotel operations. Some hotels also have contracts with third parties to manage its laundry requirements. Relationships between the launderettes and hotels get strained as hotels face shortage of linen during crisis. Many a times, it is difficult to count soiled linen resulting in tighter audits and mis-trust. Consequently, hotels lose on stock of linen, as new linen needs to be constantly bought to replace torn and soiled ones.

KeyTone plays a vital role in linen management. It gives laundry professionals the tools to control costs and manage their linen budgets by tracking and analyzing linen usage and establishing inventory and par level requirements.

KeyTone’s RFID enabled linen tracking system helps keep the linen inventory at the appropriate levels by tracking the linen use of each department. The system also improves the order accuracy by eliminating the guesswork in setting proper stocking par levels. Linen tracker system will also simplify the job of overall linen management, by comparing actual linen usage with the total inventory and establishing linen ordering budgets. Comprehensive management of linen inventory provides detailed analysis reports of new and used inventory, usage analysis and life of linen.

KeyTone’s software cater to the full range of linen management from procurements to the discarding stage. A complete inventory of linen in store is kept in washed condition, stock of back-up linen to be kept as reserve is maintained and whenever any stock has been replenished, the information is updated to re-stock maintenance levels. The software keeps a track record of linen at various cycles in the hospital.

KeyTone provides operational business intelligence through web based dashboard and many pre-defined reports.

  • Linen Inventory report – provides linen inventory by category, for every linen location and for a given period
  • Laundry Operations report – provides a snapshot of how many dirty laundry where received for a given period and how many were cleaned for reuse.
  • Linen Discard report – provides list of all linens discarded in a given category.
  • Linen Replenishment report – provides inventory records of when a given closet was replenished with linens
  • Linen Wash Count report – provides the number of wash counts a given linen has gone through since purchase. Users have the ability to filter their inventory based on wash count.
  • Shrinkage report – provides list of linen that are no longer visible in the supply chain and their last seen location.

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