Order Reconciliation Solution

  • Inaccurate order receipt and fulfillment
  • Delayed proof of receipt and delivery
  • Short-receipts & mis-shipment of merchandise
  • Automatic verification and reconciliation of actual shipment with order information
  • Automatic proof of delivery generation
  • Improved load accuracy and significant reduction in dock turn times

Due to the limitations of barcode and today’s supply chain systems, visibility of DC resources, orders and products is limited.

The SmartDC Order Management Solution makes the entire shipping process transparent. You can track the flow of goods by order, measure the service levels and maintain a constant overview of shipments until they are loaded into the truck.

KeyTone's solution closes the gap between your order management system and what actually happens in the warehouse by delivering operational business intelligence through real time monitoring of KPIs via dashboards and reports.

  • Reduce average build-to-ship cycle time by maintaining accurate, real-time inventory  control
  • Reduce or eliminate shipment errors through accurate verification and validation of shipment with the order
  • Prioritize orders accurately based on orders in progress to achieve 100% of shipping forecast
  • Improve dock-to-stock time of received goods through automated and accurate receipt processing
  • Eliminate mis-shipments by ensuring that the right shipment is loaded in the right truck
  • Ensure SKU integrity in an order through verification of actual shipment with each line item of the order

KeyTone provides operational business intelligence through web based dashboard and more than 40 pre-defined reports. 

  • Order Fulfillment Time - This report provides information on the amount of time taken to process the order from the time it was entered to the time it was ready. 
  • Production Fulfillment Time - This report provides information on the amount of time taken to process a manufacturing order from the time it was entered to the time when that order was completely manufactured. 
  • Order Fulfillment Lead Time - This report gives you the average actual lead times consistently achieved from Order Entry Complete to Start Build, Start Build to Order Ready For Shipment, Order Ready for Shipment to Order Shipped, Order Shipped to Customer Receipt of Order. 
  • Perfect Order Fulfillment Report -A "perfect order" is defined as an order that meets all of the following standards: Delivered complete all items on order are delivered in the quantities requested; Delivered on time to customer's request date, using your customer's definition of on-time delivery; Documentation supporting the order including packing slips, bills of lading, invoices, etc., is complete and accurate; Perfect condition: Faultlessly installed (as applicable), correct configuration, customer-ready, no damage. 
  • Build To Ship Cycle Time - This report computes the average time from when a unit/product is deemed shippable by manufacturing until the unit/product actually ships to a customer. 
  • Daily Receipt Report - provides the a summary of actual shipments received versus an ASN or a receiving PO.
  • Electronic Proof of Receipt - Generates the proof of receipt that can be sent to the supplier which includes the actual shipments received against a given PO. 
  • Physical Inventory By Location - Provides accurate physical inventory by SKU and where they are put-away. 
  • Cycle Count Report - Provide complete and accurate cycle count information and the variances with the system of record Ship confirm report is generated when an order is completely fulfilled.

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