Inventory Verification Solution

  • Inaccurate inventory stock
  • Inventory shrinkage
  • Limited Work-In-Process visibility
  • Improved inventory accuracy by eliminating count errors
  • Reduced shrinkage by providing visibility and count by products and location
  • Forecast-to-production accuracy through assembly traceability

Current order management systems fall short of providing accurate and up-to-date inventory information because they lack the ability to capture DC operation information in real time. The SmartDC Inventory Management Solution captures inventory information at each and every stage of DC operations and provides granular and accurate visibility of inventory and material movements. KeyTone's solution helps you to monitor and respond to inventory changes in real time.

SmartDC reporting delivers on your KPIs and its intelligent dashboards allow you to monitor these KPIs in real time for better decision making. 

Physical Inventory

  • Reduce physical cycle count time to provide accurate inventory information 
  • Reduce order fulfillment times by providing up-to-date inventory location information 
  • Prioritize inventory consumption based on product aging 
  • Reduce shrinkage by tracking quantities associated with breakage, pilferage, deterioration of finished goods and raw material inventories. 
  • Verify and validate product builds to a raw material inventory 

Inventory Movement

  • Reduce time to receive material and ship products by automatically verifying and validating it with order information 
  • Reduce dock-to-stock time 
  • Measure accuracy & velocity of production plan at any given period 
  • Eliminate put-away errors by performing real time validation at put-away locations 


  • Achieve 100% shipment forecast accuracy by prioritizing shipments based on current DC operations 
  • Achieve 100% forecast production accuracy by taking decisions based on current production throughput 
  • Real time order fulfillment based on current production status and estimated time of order completion

KeyTone provides operational business intelligence through a web based dashboard and more than 40 pre-defined reports. 

  • Bill of Material Accuracy Report - Compare the bill of material to be used in production with the system generated BOM (by period, by manufacturing PO, by wave) 
  • Build Cycle Time Report - Calculates the average time taken for the product to build until the time is stocked (build-to-stock) 
  • Finished Goods Inventory - provides inventory of finished products (by SKU, by period, by location) 
  • Finished Goods/Raw Material Shrinkage - The quantity associated with breakage, pilferage, and deterioration of finished goods inventories. It tells you how much inventory was not accounted for in the cycle count and could not be found in the facility. 
  • Order fulfillment accuracy - This report is generated for each customer for a given period. It provides information on the accuracy of the order fulfillment by displaying the orders, SKU and quantity to be fulfilled versus what was actually shipped for the day. 
  • Production accuracy - It measures the production accuracy at the finished product level for each manufacturing PO and for the total number of units produced in a given time period compared to the forecasted time when it should have been produced. 
  • Shipment Accuracy - This report provides users with information on the accuracy of shipment by displaying the quantity and SKU as per PO and the actual quantity shipped. The report can be generated by customers or orders for a given period. 
  • Shipment Integrity - This report enables users to measure the integrity of all RFID enabled shipments. It compares the quantity and SKU as per the PO with the count as per the RFID reader during QA including any manual operator overrides. 
  • Dock-To-Stock Cycle Time - This report calculates the total time taken from receiving the goods to storing them at a given storage location by order for a given time period. 
  • Inventory Aging Report - This report provides the user with the information on average inventory aging for all products received or produced.

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